Apple Wallet

How To Add Hardy John’s QR To Your Apple Wallet


  • Install Pass2U Wallet for iphone.
  • Ensure your IOS version is 13.0 and higher.

Video Tutorial

How to add Hardy John’s VIP QR to your Apple Wallet.


  1. Please find the email from Hardy John’s titled “Hardy John’s VIP ID & QR” (please ensure to check spam folder).
  2. Click on the QR link. Save the QR image into your photos app.
  3. Open the Pass2U App on your mobile and click the ‘+’ icon located on the bottom right of the screen
  4. Click “Get the QR in the photo” option
  5. Click “confirm” option on the dialogue box and perform the following sub – steps:
    1. Set the Pass Type as “Generic” 
    2. Set pass name as “Hardy Jones ID”
    3. Click on the LOGO Box 
    4. Click “Choose Photo” option 
    5. Locate the QR image and upload the image into the app  
    6. Click “done” on top right corner 
    7. Click “add” on top right corner